Custom Code in Workflows


You can write and run custom code in a Workflow. Use the Evaluate Code action step to integrate custom JavaScript.


Example use cases

With Evaluate Code, you can:

  • Pull in outside data sources to help in decisioning.
  • Integrate Persona with any SaaS vendor that has an API.
  • Implement any bespoke logic you want on the Persona platform.

As a concrete example, lets say your organization relies on Sift scores for decisioning. Rather than having your team jump between the Persona and Sift dashboards, a Workflow can run custom code to pull in a user's Sift scores via the Sift API, make a decision based on Persona and non-Persona data, and decline or approve an Inquiry—all in one place.

Persona can work with you to configure a custom code implementation based on your needs.

Just one source of flexibility

Custom code provides additional functionality and flexibility on top of an already powerful foundation. In many cases, you don't need custom code—you can find what you need in the product, or via our Marketplace

Get started

Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more about setting up Custom Code.