Configuring your Theme

Note: This article only applies to the old version of Templates where your template ID starts with `tmpl_`. If your template ID starts with `itmpl_`, then you are using the new **Dynamic Flow Inquiry Template** and should see [Configuring your Template](/articles/ETA0GIS8K60DSoiFRpA9z/).

What is a Theme?

A Theme defines the visual elements of your Persona flow (e.g. logo, colors, font, buttons, text) and can be customized to match your brand. Each Template (which defines the sequence of verifications and the configurations for those verifications) is associated with a Theme.

Can I have multiple Themes?

Each organization starts with one Template and one default Theme. Most organizations use one Theme across multiple Templates. However, it's possible to create multiple Themes if you want to show a different set of visual elements for different Templates.

If you need more Themes, please reach out to your customer success manager or

How do I associate a Template with a particular Theme?

If you have multiple Templates and multiple Themes, you may want to associate a Template with a particular Theme. In the Templates section of your Dashboard, under Inquiries, you can toggle to a particular Template and associate it with a particular Theme (if you have more than one Theme). 

How do I view and configure my Theme?

You can access and edit your Theme in the Theme section of your Dashboard, under Inquiries. This Theme Editor allows you to select a relevant Template and a relevant Theme and view the combination of the Template with the Theme. 

Note: The Theme Editor allows you to view any Template in combination with any Theme, however, only one Theme is associated with any given template, and this can be adjusted in the [Templates]( section of your Dashboard.

In the Theme section, you will see options to edit:

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Buttons
  • Links
  • Borders
  • Page transitions
  • Logo
  • Text on specific pages (technically part of your Template, but adjustable in the Theme section)

If there is a visual element or text that you would like to change beyond what is available in the Theme section (e.g. custom font), please reach out to your customer success manager or