List Types

You can create Lists of various types, in order to filter inquiries by their different features or details. We currently support the following List Types:

  • Browser Fingerprint

    • Add browser fingerprints to the List, so inquiries with matching fingerprints can be filtered.

      Browser fingerprints are an alternative to cookies for identifying users that creates a unique hash to identify a user by their browser and its different properties (e.g. version, installed extensions, etc.).

  • Country

    • Add countries to the List, so inquiries with matching countries can be filtered. On the Inquiry, we collect country data from multiple locations (e.g. IP-based, address country code, and user input). Inquiry List matching checks against the custom field of type country if defined, and if not, then matches against the address country code on the Inquiry.  
  • Email Address

    • Add individual email addresses or entire domains as a List item.
  • Face

    • Add an image of a face (PNG or JPEG) to filter inquiries with matching faces. The most common way businesses create Face Lists is by automatically adding center-facing selfies from previously-identified fraudulent or bad actor selfie verifications through a Workflow or Case Action.
Note: Face Lists are only available to organizations on the Growth Plan and above. Customers using Face Lists must ensure they have proper end user consent in place for processing of biometrics, prior to enabling or utilizing this feature.
  • Inquiry Field

    • Select a specific field type to create the list, and then input a field value to match with this field type. Field types include:
      • Address (Street 1 / Street 2 / City / Subdivision / Postal Code / Country Code)
      • Birthdate
      • Email Address
      • Identification Number / Identification Class
      • Name (First / Middle / Last)
      • Phone Number
      • Social Security Number
      • Selected Country Code
      • Other Custom Fields
  • Geolocation

    • Enter a physical longitude and latitude point, and a radius to flag inquiries within a specific geographical circle. We match the Inquiry location against this specified geographical area. If the inquiry locations falls into that circle, then we have a list match. This match effectively provides fuzzy location matching.
    • The geolocation List type will match on locations derived from the following: IP address during an inquiry session, government ID verifications, SSN verifications, phone number verifications, and basic verification (name, date of birth, address).
  • Government ID number

    • Add known Government ID numbers. For each List item, you will be asked to specify the ID type (e.g. driver's license, passport) and ID number.
  • IP Address

    • Add IP Addresses to the List, so inquiries with matching IP Addresses can be filtered.
  • Name 

    • Add a first and last name, and adjust whether or not you want to allow for fuzzy matching of first names (e.g. "Melisss" to match against "Melissa").
  • Phone number

    • Add a phone numbers to the List, so inquiries with matching phone numbers can be filtered.