Reference: Hint text that helps users submit images


If an Inquiry requires the end user to submit an image, the UI displays hint text to help the user take a good photo.

Hint text for Government ID Verification

Situation Hint text
Barcode is outside of frame Make sure the barcode is within the frame
Glare is detected Reduce glare by moving away from direct light
Low light is detected Please move to a well-lit area.
Motion is detected Keep it steady...
Not all parts of ID are captured Make sure all four corners of the ID are within the frame
ID is too close up Move farther away from the camera
ID is too far away Move closer to the camera
ID is outside of frame Make sure your ID is within the frame
Scan is in progress Processing ID, keep it steady...

Hint text for Selfie Verification

Situation Hint text
Face should be centered Center yourself
Face is not detected after some time has passed Please look into the camera and try removing your glasses
Face should turn slightly left Look slightly left
Face is too close up Move further away from the camera
Face is too far away Move closer to the camera
Multiple faces are detected There seem to be multiple faces, find a private space
Face should turn slightly right Look slightly right