View Case deadlines


In the Persona Dashboard, you can view deadlines for each Case, and sort Cases by deadline.

Learn more about the Cases deadline feature, and how to get access to it, here.

View all SLAs

You can view the deadline for each Case in the All Cases page of the Persona Dashboard.

In the Case list, the deadline for each Case is displayed in a column named SLA.

Add the SLA column to Case list

If you don’t see the SLA column, follow these steps to make it visible in the Case list:

  1. Select the Config icon at the upper corner of the Case list.
  2. In the Configure columns modal, search for “SLA”.
  3. Toggle the SLA column setting to make it active.

Sort by SLA column

Click on the SLA column header to sort the Case list by SLA. Cases will appear in reverse chronological order by deadline.

Click on the SLA column header again to reverse the sort.