Rerun Workflows with Manual Triggers

In the case that an Workflow errors out or fails, you may want to resume the Workflow after troubleshooting the error. You can do so by clicking into the Runs page of an specific Workflow. From there, you can choose if you want to resume from the last failed step or to rerun the entire workflow.

Continuing and reruning failed Workflows from Dashboard

To rerun a Workflow run, select the workflow(s) you want to rerun and click re-run in the Workflows dashboard. You'll be prompted to choose how you want to rerun the workflow.

Rerun workflows

We recommend for transient errors, you resume an errored workflow from last failed step. For configuration errors, you should rerun workflows with the most recent published version, which will generate a new run.

You have flexibility to trigger a workflow for any applicable objects.

Continuing and reruning failed Workflows from Editor

You can also rerun the Workflow from the Workflow editor directly by passing in Object IDs or Workflow Run IDs. This enables you to force certain objects through paths in your Workflows.

Create New Runs

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