Capture Methods: configure how users upload images


Some Verification types require the end user of your Inquiry to submit an image or live camera capture—of themselves, an ID, or other item.

Persona lets you configure how your end users are allowed to submit these images and captures, via an Inquiry Template configuration called Capture Methods.

Example configurations

As examples, you can configure Capture Methods to:

  • Require end users to use guided capture on mobile web.
  • Prevent end users from uploading an image—on desktop, mobile web, or mobile native.

Set device-specific settings

You can set different options for desktop web, mobile web, and native mobile apps. For example, you can disable file uploads in only native mobile apps.

Relevant verification types

Capture Methods settings are only relevant to Verification types that require the end user of an Inquiry to submit an image or live camera capture.

These Verification types include:

  • Government ID Verification
  • Selfie Verification
  • Documents

Where to configure

Capture Methods settings appear in the Configure section of an Inquiry Template.

To find the Configure section:

  1. In the Persona Dashboard, select Inquiries > Template in the navigation bar.
  2. Select the Inquiry Template you want to edit.
  3. In the upper corner of the Flow Editor, click Configure.