How do I resume an expired Inquiry?


You can let a user continue an expired Inquiry where they left off, instead of starting a new Inquiry.

To do this, you can "resume" the existing Inquiry. When you resume an Inquiry, you generate a new one-time link for the user.


To help a user resume an Inquiry:

  1. In the Dashboard, navigate to Inquiries > All Inquiries. 
  2. Select the expired Inquiry.
  3. On the Inquiry details page, click Resume in the upper corner.
  4. (optional) Choose whether to automatically email the recipient.
  5. Click Create link.
  6. Copy the link.

You can now send this link to the user. When the user opens the link, they will start from where they previously left off.

See: When does a link to an Inquiry expire?

Learn more

  • You can also generate one-time links via API.