Assign Case deadlines


To set Case deadlines, create a Workflow that uses the Set Case SLA action step.

As background:

  • Learn about the Cases deadline feature, and how to get access to it, here.
  • Learn how to create Workflows here.

Add the Set Case SLA Workflow step

To set an SLA on a Case, add the Set Case SLA action step to a Workflow.

The Set Case SLA step can only be added after a Case is referenced in the Workflow. For example, you can add the Set Case SLA step after a Create Case step; or after a trigger on a Case's status change.

Fill out the following settings:

  • Case: the Case to apply the SLA to. 
  • SLA Target: when to set the deadline. Set this to any number of minutes, hours, or days.


As one example, you can create a Workflow that:

  • Triggers on each completed Inquiry.
  • Runs a Database Verification on each Inquiry.
  • Creates a Case for each Inquiry.
  • And then, sets the SLA for each Case.

You can also use a conditional statement in your Workflow to apply SLAs only in specific situations.