Graph glossary


Learn terminology you may see when using Graph.

Industry terms

  • Link analysis: A data analysis technique used to identify and evaluate relationships between entities in a dataset, primarily through visualizations.

Graph product

  • Query: A search request you make in Graph that defines which Accounts you want to surface. In a Query, you specify at least one property (like IP Address or device fingerprint), and the value of that property. The Query result includes all Accounts with a matching value for that property.
  • Graph Explorer: The visual interface in Persona where you can make a Query and explore results.
  • Query Template: A preconfigured Query that you can save and reuse.

Graph Explorer

  • Canvas: The main area of Graph Explorer where Query results appear.
  • Node: The items that appear on the Graph Explorer Canvas as a result of a Query. Each node represents either an Account in Persona, or a property of that Account.
    • Account node: A node that represents an Account.
    • Property node: A node that represents a property of an Account.
  • Account property (or, Property): Characteristics of an Account, such as email, phone number, device fingerprint, etc.
  • Link: A connection between two nodes.
    • An Account node can be linked to a property node. This means the Account has that property.
    • Two Account nodes can be linked via a property. This means both Accounts share that property.
  • Cluster: A group of Account nodes that are all linked to the same property node.
  • Cluster size: The number of nodes in a cluster.
  • Starting nodes: The initial set of Accounts of interest to you, in a Query. (In Graph theory terms, this is the seed set.)
  • Connected nodes: The set of Accounts that are linked to the starting nodes by shared Account properties.
  • Hops: The distance between a connected node and a starting node, measured by the number of edges between them.