Tutorial: Run Reports and review matches


Persona offers a variety of Reports, which allow you to supplement the information submitted by an individual via an Inquiry.

You can run Reports manually, or automatically. This guide covers how to:

  • Run a Report manually.
  • Build a Workflow to run a Report automatically after each completed Inquiry.
  • Extend the Workflow to also mark Inquiries as "Needs Review."
  • Extend the Workflow to also create a Case for manual review.

Run a Report Manually

You can run a Report manually via the Dashboard using the "+ Create report" button. Enter the information about an end user, and check for matches found.


Running a Report manually is helpful when you need to only run Reports for special cases or on an occasional, ad-hoc basis. However, if you'd like to automate running a Report for each Inquiry, you can implement a Workflow.

Workflow 1: Run Report after each Inquiry completes


Use the "+ Create workflow" button to begin automating Report runs. Select the Trigger type as "Event" and Trigger event as "inquiry.completed" to make this Workflow run on each completed Inquiry. 


We can use the Action Step in the Workflow to run any Report after a completed Inquiry. In this example Workflow, we run the Watchlist Report after every completed Inquiry.

Here is what the completed Workflow looks like:


Publish the Workflow to automate running the Report.

You can manually check Inquiries to see if they've matched on the Report. Otherwise, you can listen for a "report/watchlist.matched" Event via Webhook.

Workflow 2: Mark Inquiry for review if match found

Let's take the above Workflow and extend it. Let's also mark the Inquiry for Review if it has a Report match.


We begin by adding a Run Report step to the Workflow after the inquiry.completed Trigger event, similar to the Workflow above.


Then, we add a Conditional Step to the Workflow, and edit the condition for Route 1 to be Inquiries where "match_found" equals "true". Use the dropdown menus to implement this logic, as shown above.


Next, we add a "Mark Inquiry for Review" Action step under Route 1.

Once the Inquiry is marked for review, you can manually approve or decline the Inquiry from the Dashboard. To learn more about the Inquiry review process, see this tutorial.

Here is what the completed Workflow looks like:


Publish the Workflow to automate running the Report and marking Inquiries for review.

Workflow 3: Create Case if match found

Let's take the above Workflow and extend it, again. Let's also create a Case when a Report match is found.

Creating a Case gives you a streamlined experience for reviewing Inquiries that are marked for review, especially at a high volume. Learn more about Cases here.


To begin, we create a new Case template from the Dashboard to handle matches found for our Report (the Watchlist Report, in this example). Use the "Settings" button on the top right to configure Case notifications, statuses, tags, and more. Learn more about creating Case templates here.


Now that we have a Case Template, we can create a Workflow that automatically creates a Case for any Inquiry that has a Report match.

Let's start with where we left off in Workflow 2. We have an Action Step under "Route 1" to mark the Inquiry for Review.


Let's add another Action Step to Route 1 to "Create Case". Select your Case Template. In the Advanced configurations, we can make sure that the Trigger Inquiry is associated with this Case.

Next, add a "Wait Step", which waits for the Case to be resolved through manual review.

After the "Wait Step", add a Conditional to the Workflow. This Conditional should have two routes: to mark the Inquiry as approved or as declined, according to the Case state.

  • If the Case's state is approved, set the Inquiry status to approved.
  • If the Case's state is declined, set the Inquiry status to declined.

Here is what the completed Workflow looks like:


Publish the Workflow to automate running the Report and handling matches found with Cases.