Teams in Cases


You can group multiple users into a Team. Doing this can help you streamline how you view and manage Cases. Specifically, you can:

  • Distribute Case assignments among the members of a Team, using an assignment policy you choose (such as round robin).
  • Filter data within Cases Analytics and the Case list by Team.

A User can be part of multiple Teams, and a Team may contain Users who hold different roles.


To create or configure a Team, you must:

  • Hold the “Admin” role in your organization, OR
  • Be granted both of the following permissions in your organization:
    • “View member list and team groupings within Teams”
    • “Update team member groupings within Teams”

Where you can use Teams

  • Cases Templates: When configuring a Cases Template, you can choose to assign Cases to one or more Teams.
  • Cases Analytics: In Cases Analytics, you can filter the "Assignee" and "Resolvers" fields by Team.
  • In the Case list, you can filter the "Assigned to" field by Team.

Configuring Teams

You can create, edit, and delete Teams from the Teams page. To find this page, look in the sidebar of the Dashboard, and click on Team (under the Admin section) > Teams


Here, you can:

  • Create a Team. Click the Create team button in the top right.
  • Edit a Team. In the Teams list, click on the team you want to edit. This opens a page where you can add members, remove members, and rename the Team.
  • Delete a Team. Click on the three dots (“...”) next to the team in the Teams list, and select “Delete.” You can also delete a team from the Edit page.