How do I create an Inquiry? The "Create inquiry" button is disabled.


The "Create inquiry" button is grayed out/disabled in the Dashboard, so you can't create an Inquiry.

Common causes

A common reason for this problem is that you missed a step: creating an Inquiry Template.

You need an Inquiry Template in order to create an Inquiry.

Suggested steps

Check if you have an Inquiry Template

It's easy to check:

  1. Navigate to the Inquiry Templates page. You can either:
    • Select Inquiries > Templates from the navigation bar in the Dashboard.
    • Visit this URL directly.
  2. See if the Inquiry template list is empty. If it's empty, you need to create at least one Inquiry Template.

Create an Inquiry Template

To create an Inquiry Template, click the Create template button at the top right of the Inquiry Templates page.

Learn more about Inquiry Templates here.