Dismissing Report Hits


You can dismiss false positive hits on certain types of Reports through the Persona Dashboard. These types of Reports include Adverse Media, Watchlist, and PEP.

Use case

You can dismiss a Report hit to resume a continuous Report when it stops due to a false positive. As background, Reports can be set to run on a recurring schedule. But when a Report returns a hit, it stops running. Once a hit is dismissed, the continuous Report resumes its cadence.

Permissions required

To dismiss Report hits through the Dashboard, a user must have a role with the "Dismiss matches" permission.

To learn more about Permissions, see Managing users and user permissions.

Location in Dashboard 

You can dismiss Report hits in several locations in the Dashboard, including:

  • the Reports Details page
  • the Reports tab of the Inquiry details page
  • the Reports table of the Account details page
  • the Report module in Cases


You can also dismiss Reports via API. See the documentation for Report Action: Dismiss Matches.