Continuous monitoring for Reports


Continuous monitoring lets you run Reports run on a recurring schedule. For example, you can run a Watchlist Report against your Accounts each month or once a year. This can help you detect if an Account that was previously not on a Watchlist was later added to a Watchlist.

Continuous monitoring can help you implement perpetual KYC.

Supported Report types

Currently, you can run Watchlist and Sanctions Reports on a recurring basis.

Get started

If you'd like to set up your Reports to run on a recurring cadence, please contact your Customer Success Manager or contact the Persona support team.

How it works

Recurrence interval

You can choose a recurrence interval ranging from 1 day to 365 days.

Besides the recurrence interval, a Report that is running with continuous monitoring takes the same inputs as before. Think of continuous monitoring as a setting on a Report.

Pause and resume

You can pause and resume continuous monitoring on a Report.

Dismiss hits

When a Report running with continuous monitoring has a hit, all future runs stop. You can dismiss the hit—a good idea if it's a false positive—to resume the continuous monitoring.

Learn more here: Dismissing Report Hits


Continuous monitoring on Reports can be managed via API. A few resources include: