Using Omnisearch


Persona's Omnisearch is the built-in search functionality inside the Persona dashboard. With Omnisearch, you can find important Persona objects like inquiries or verifications as well as surface answers to common questions.

Using Omnisearch

Use Omnisearch to find:

  • Specific Accounts, Cases, Inquiries, Reports, Verifications, and Workflows by their object token (e.g. inq_123456789, txn_123498799) or reference ID

Token search

  • Help Center articles

Article search

  • Shortcuts to certain Dashboard pages

Shortcuts within omnisearch

Omnisearch keyboard shortcuts

You can find Omnisearch within the navigation bar inside Persona in the upper left hand corner.


You can also use common keyboard shortcuts with Omnisearch:

  • ctrl/cmd+K to open Omnisearch on any page
  • up/down arrow keys to highlight a result
  • Enter to open a result