In-product "Ask AI" and AI-based Chat features

What are the "Ask AI" and AI-based chat features?

The "Ask AI", AI chat within certain customers’ Persona dashboards, and Ask features within the Persona Community Slack space are AI-powered services powered by Persona's Help Center.

Learning and staying up-to-date on Persona's features, products, and services is important for building a sustainable digital business and the AI-based tools available to you are meant to accelerate and amplify your learning. The hope is to give you the wealth of information available in the Persona Help Center as quickly as possible.

Limitations of AI

AI operates based on programmed algorithms and may not always provide accurate or complete responses. Users should always exercise discretion and not solely rely on information provided by AI-based tools for critical decision-making.

Powered by the Persona Help Center

A good rule of thumb is to use it to discover what you may want or need to look into more. Given that the Persona Help Center powers these features, the intended purpose is to help you find information to better implement or use Persona products, and we recommend that you refrain from sharing sensitive or personally identifiable information.

No Substitute for Professional Advice

Responses generated are not intended to replace professional advice or consultation. We encourage you to seek assistance from qualified professionals for specific inquiries or concerns, especially for legal or compliance issues.

Using AI-based features in Persona

By using these features, you are consenting to the recording and storage of your communications by Persona and its third-party service providers. The information is governed by the Persona Privacy Policy.