Using Saved Views

Tailor Your View

Saved Views empowers you to create customized views of your cases. Whether you want to focus on specific template types, case statuses, or another specific criteria, you can craft views that align with your unique needs.

What You Can Configure

Your case list view offers several configurable components:

  • Filters applied to each view
  • Visibility and ordering of columns displayed

Saving Tags and Filters within a View

To filter your case list view and display only the items that meet your specific criteria (e.g., cases with certain statuses and tags), follow these steps:

  1. Apply filters to refine your view (e.g., filter by date ranges, case templates, statuses, assignees, or tags)
  2. Name your view and select a date range when prompted
  3. Click “save a new view” to save your configuration

Save a new case view modal

Customizing Column Visibility and Order

Tailor the columns and their order within your case list view to surface important case information. Here's how:

  1. Visit the All Case page and locate the table view
  2. Click on the config icon
  3. Drag and drop attributes to rearrange columns as desired
  4. Toggle attributes to control their visibility

Customizing column visibility and order in Case index view

Effortless Navigation

If you've created multiple views within your organization, here’s how to access them seamlessly:

  1. Look for the 'View' dropdown in the top right corner
  2. Click on the dropdown to reveal all your saved views
  3. Select 'Clear filters' to reset all filters, or choose 'Rename' within the ... menu to update your view's name.

Accessing multiple views and switching between views

Experience the convenience and flexibility of Saved Views, your key to an optimized workflow.