Availability Status in Cases

About Availability status

The availability status feature lets you assign Cases to team members only when they're available.

Adapt to your team's shifts and out-of-office

You can use availability status to manage Case assignments around your team's shifts and out-of-office schedules.

Avoid bottlenecks

Assigning Cases to unavailable team members can cause bottlenecks for your team and delays for your customers. Avoid these problems when you assign Cases according to your team's availability status.

How it works

Each user on your Cases review team can set their availability status to either available or unavailable. Cases will only be assigned to team members who are available. 

Get started

Learn about Cases Enhanced

The availability status feature is available with a Cases Enhanced plan. To learn more, reach out to your customer success manager or contact us here.

Learn to use

See How to set your availability status.