Dashboard and email notifications for Cases


You can be notified about Cases in two ways:

  • In the Persona Dashboard, a red badge appears on the Notifications icon at the top right of the Case list view.
  • You receive an email.

You can configure which events you are notified about, and how you receive the notifications.

Events that notify

You can be notified when:

  • A Case is assigned to you.
  • A Case that is assigned to you has an SLA breach.

Note that there is a separate setting that can notify you whenever a Case that uses a particular Case Template is created. See Cases Template to learn more.

Update your Notifications settings

To change how you receive notifications about Cases, visit the Notifications settings page:

  • Click on your username at the bottom left-hand corner of the Persona dashboard, and select Profile.
  • Click on the Notifications tab.

SLA breach notifications

You can configure rules about when you're notified about an SLA breach.cases-notif-settings-sla-breach.png

View notifications in the Case list view

In the Case list view, your notifications are divided into Inbox and Archived. New notifications appear in your Inbox. Click the "X" next to a notification to move it from Inbox to Archived