Crypto Address Watchlist Report

What is it?

The Crypto Address Watchlist report flags any wallet addresses that might be sanctioned.

Why is this report valuable?

Organizations will be able to use this report type to satisfy AML regulatory requirements specifically for digital currencies.

Dashboard view:


Interpreting the report

result Result is an array of hits that come back as sanctioned. If it's empty, that means this wallet address was not found to be on any lists. Typically, this array will only come back with one hit because OFAC is the only list we currently search.

entities Entities is an array inside each hit. It describes the individual associated with the hit. It contains the fields:

  1. name
  2. alias-type
  3. birthdates
  4. crypto-addresses

crypto-addresses This is an array inside one entity. This describes all of the wallet addresses associated with an individual. It contains:

  1. address - The actual address
  2. type - The type of digital currency (BTC, ETH, etc)


What lists do you search against?

We currently only search against OFAC lists, but if there is a list or set of lists that you are interested in screening against for digital currencies, please let us know.

How often are lists updated?

We check our Crypto Address sanctions sources for updates as frequently as every 10 minutes.


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