How do I automatically create a Case for review?


Before you begin this tutorial, you should:

  • Know what a Workflow is, and know how to build one. See our articles on Workflows to learn more.
  • Know how to customize a Case template, and have created at least one case template. See the Case Template article for more details.


Let's say you want to:

  • Automatically create a Case when any Inquiry completes.
  • Then, when each Case is resolved, you want to automatically approve the associated Inquiry if the Case is approved, and automatically decline the Inquiry if the Case is declined.

Building your Workflow

Below, we'll build one Workflow to automate the above scenario. Here's what it'll look like:


To build it, follow these steps:

  1. First, create a Workflow. Make this Workflow trigger on Inquiry completed.

  2. Add an Action step to the Workflow. For Action, select Create Case. Choose the Case Template you want to use.

  3. After the Action step, add a Wait step. Select the following settings:

    • Wait for = Object
    • Target Object = Object from Create Case step
    • Events = Case resolved
  4. After the Wait step, add a Conditional step.

    • Route 1: 
      • Label = (Your choice. Suggestion: "Case is approved")
      • Where = create_case.state equals Approved
    • Route 2: 
      • Label = (Your choice. Suggestion: "Case is declined")
      • Where = create_case.state equals Declined
    • Else: (Leave this empty.)
  5. Under Route 1, add an Action step. For Action, select Approve Inquiry.

  6. Under Route 2, add an Action step. For Action, select Decline Inquiry.

  7. Once you've completed building this workflow, be sure to save and activate it!