Slack integration overview


Slack is a messaging platform and collaboration hub that brings the right people, information, and tools together to get work done.

Slack is available as a Marketplace integration. The integration lets you easily send Slack messages from within Persona.

A common way to use this integration is to send an automated message via a Workflow.


To use this integration, you must have a Slack workspace.


The Slack integration authenticates using OAuth.


Before you begin

  • Sign in to Slack in the web browser you’re using.

Set up

To set up the Slack integration:

  1. In the dashboard, select Marketplace in the navigation sidebar.

  2. On the Marketplace page, select the Explore tab.

    • This may be the default page.
  3. In the list of integrations, select Slack.

  4. In the upper corner, click + Add Connection.

  5. In the permissions modal, select the Slack workspace you want to connect.

  6. In the permissions modal:

    • If you are an App Manager in your Slack workspace, click Allow.

    • If you are not an App Manager in your Slack workspace, fill in a request to install Persona and click Submit.



You’ll see the new connection on the Slack page once it’s approved by an App Manager.

If you requested to install Persona, you’ll see the connection appear after an App Manager in your Slack workspace approves Persona.


Using the integration

Once the integration is set up, you can trigger the following Slack actions inside your Workflows. Note: If there are multiple options for these actions, choose the one with "OAuth" in the name.

  1. Send to user
  2. Send to channel