Using Marketplace integrations


Persona Marketplace lets you easily integrate third-party apps into Persona, and take action on these apps from Persona.

For example, with Marketplace integrations, you can:

  • Enrich your data—e.g. with MX for financial data, SentiLink for synthetic fraud signals, Clearbit for contact information
  • Integrate with your CRMs—e.g. HubSpot or Salesforce
  • Communicate within your team and with customers—e.g. via Slack or Zendesk

Find Marketplace in the Dashboard

You can browse, set up, and view Marketplace integrations in your Persona Dashboard.

In the navigation sidebar, select Marketplace.

  • Use the Explore tab to browse integrations.
  • Select the Manage tab to view and configure integrations you've set up.

Set up Marketplace integrations

Integrations are added to Organization

When you set up a Marketplace integration, it can be used throughout your Persona organization, across products and by each of your team members (who have the requisite permission).


Our current Marketplace integrations use API tokens or OAuth to authenticate users.

For integrations that use OAuth, a member of your team who has access to the third-party app must set up the integration in your Persona organization. In other words, setup can’t be done by an external party or support agent.

Setting up again

Once an integration is set up, you generally will not need to set up it up again. The authentication by the team member who installed it will not expire.

However, you will need to set up the integration again if that team member is removed from the Persona organization.

Tip: To avoid this problem, you can create an account in the third-party app that isn’t tied to a specific employee, as well as an account in Persona that isn’t tied to a specific employee, and use these accounts to set up the integration.


See the following guides for instructions on how to set up each integration.

Productivity Integrations

Data Integrations