Automatically create a Case for Inquiry that needs review


You can streamline your manual review process on Persona by automatically creating a Case for any Inquiry that meets your criteria for review. You can use Workflows to automate actions on Persona, including Case creation, based on custom logic that you define using a no-code visual interface.

Example use case

Let's say you want to mark an Inquiry for manual review if the end user is under 18 years old.

You could create a Workflow that:

  • Runs whenever an Inquiry completes—i.e. the event inquiry.complete happens.
  • Does logic to determine if the user is under 18. If so:
    • Marks the Inquiry for review—i.e. changes the Inquiry status to inquiry.needs_review.
    • Creates a Case.
    • Waits for the Case to change to a "resolved" state. The Case's state will change when your team manually reviews it, and either approves or declines it.
    • Updates the status of the Inquiry to either inquiry.approved or inquiry.declined based on whether the Case was approved or declined.

The only manual step here is the Case review. The rest is automated by the Workflow.

Learn how

For instructions, see: Set up an Inquiry review process using Workflows