Inquiry flow modules


Modules are useful sets of prepackaged screens and/or steps that help you build an Inquiry flow.

Modules are just one type of building block in an Inquiry flow. See this guide for an overview of all the building blocks.

Below, learn:

  • Examples of modules
  • How to add a module
  • Where you can place modules

Examples of modules

You can choose from modules such as:

  • Verification types: Verification types are commonly added to a flow via a module. Government ID Verification, Selfie Verification, Database Verification, Phone Number Verification, and Documents are all packaged as modules.
  • Standard screens: The Standard Success Step and Standard Failed Step are both modules that consist of one screen.
  • Country select with branching: This module includes a screen that asks the user to choose their country, as well as a conditional step that routes the user based on what they input. You can further edit the logic in the conditional.

Add a module

To add a module to your Inquiry flow:

  1. In the Dashboard, navigate to Inquiries > Templates.

  2. Select the Inquiry Template for your flow.

  3. In the Flow Editor, click the “+” sign in the Flow where you want to add a module.

  4. Select Module from the list of options.

  5. Choose a module.

  6. Click Insert.

Module placement

The Flow Editor enforces rules about where a module can be inserted.

If it's not possible to insert a module at a given location in the flow, the Module option will be grayed out. You can hover over the grayed out option to see why.