Inquiry flow screens


A screen is a single page of UI that an end user sees in an Inquiry flow.

Screens are just one type of building block in an Inquiry flow. See this guide for an overview of all the building blocks.

What should you know about screens?

  • Screens are configurable. You can configure the text, spacing, images, and more.
  • You can add or edit a screen yourself, or with our help. Use Flow Editor when you can. You can also reach out to our team.
  • You can use prebuilt screens. Some types of screens are available as drop-in modules.


Screen configurations


You can insert, edit, and rearrange screen components. Components include:

  • Text: Choose between title and regular body text. Optionally, edit translations for each piece of text.
  • Spacing: Adjust spacing between components.
  • Images: Insert custom images.
  • Buttons: Insert and style buttons.


The theme of your Inquiry Template also affects how a screen looks. A theme defines a logo, colors, and styling. See this tutorial to learn how to configure the theme.

Adding or Editing a screen

You can edit some screen configurations directly in the Flow Editor:

Note that some configurations cannot currently be made in the Flow Editor, and some configurations are available on certain paid plans. To request changes, you can reach out to your customer success manager or contact the Persona support team.

Prebuilt screens

Some screens are available as drop-in Modules in Flow Editor. These screens include the Standard Success Step, and Standard Failed Step.