Branching Step

What is Branching Step?

The Branching Step, within the Flow Editor, lets you build different paths or routes within your flow, based on conditional logic.

Branching Step within Flow Editor

Where do you find Branching Step?

  1. To access this feature, navigate to Inquiries —> Templates from the left nav and select any Inquiry template.
  2. A Branching step can be added by clicking the plus sign located between screens or by selecting an existing Branching node to set up the conditional routes.

Where to find the Branching Step within Flow Editor

What can you do with Branching Step?

Dynamic user risk segmentation

The Branching Step offers the capability to dynamically adjust the level of friction within the collection flow based on real-time risk assessments. This means that you can direct high-risk users through a more stringent verification process, while sending low-risk users through a lower friction flow, improving the conversion rate for trustworthy users.

Customized user experiences

The Branching Step allows you to design tailored experience to meet specific business requirements. For example, the flow can be adjusted to differentiate based on age, such as denying access to users under 21, while allowing those over 21 to proceed. Similarly, geographical criteria can be applied, where users from countries that a business does not served are declined, and those from approved regions are successfully verified.

Plans Explained

Branching Step access by plans

Startup Program Essential Plan Growth and Enterprise Plans
Routes allowed per branching step Limited to pre-configured solutions ≤3 routes per branching step Unlimited
Branching steps allowed per Inquiry Template Limited to pre-configured solutions ≤20 overall steps per Inquiry Template Unlimited

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Branching Step on the Essential plan

Essential plan customers can route or segment users through an Inquiry Flow based on an attribute that is collected or prefilled like age (e.g. under 21 or under 18).

For example in the below implementation, after a user goes through the Government ID Verification, this particular business has decided to allow users over age 21 to proceed to Selfie Verification and to automatically fail those under age 21.

Segmenting by age using the Branching Step

Branching Step on the Growth plan

Growth plan customers can route or segment users through an Inquiry Flow based on behavioral signals, verification checks passing, or specific verification reasons within the same Inquiry Flow.

Segmenting by behavioral signals and verification data using the Branching Step