Reducing Risk for early-stage FinTechs with Jim Prevot

Join Ed from Persona as he engages in an illuminating conversation with Jim Prevot, the Co-Founder & Managing Director of StrategyBRIX. In this episode of the Personally podcast, we explore Jim's extensive experience in building and optimizing end-to-end Financial Crime programs globally, his work with prominent companies like PwC and Quantexa, and his role in overseeing StrategyBRIX's operations in EMEA.

🔍 About Jim Prevot: With a remarkable background in the financial industry, Jim brings over a decade of expertise to the table. Having worked for renowned organizations like PwC and Quantexa, he has honed his skills in developing and optimizing Financial Crime programs for banks and fintechs worldwide. Based in London, Jim plays a key role in StrategyBRIX, where he spearheads operations across EMEA, helping clients establish sustainable financial crime and compliance programs.