Empowering Online Language Teachers with Khawar Malik

Join Ed from Persona in an inspiring conversation as he interviews Khawar Malik, the founder of somos. In this episode of the Personally podcast, we delve into Khawar's vision for transforming the world of online language teaching and his dedication to empowering teachers while making a meaningful impact. Discover how somos, an all-in-one toolkit, aims to enhance teacher well-being and promote language, migrant, and worker rights.

🔍 About Khawar Malik: Khawar is a social entrepreneur with a diverse background encompassing mergers & acquisitions, law, sales, insurance, and community organizing. Before launching somos, he led apples & pears, a UK-based charity that facilitated group trips for children and families in schools, domestic violence shelters, and arts venues. Khawar's passion for creating opportunities for refugees and migrants, while upholding worker rights and protections, drives his work and advocacy.