Innovation in Reg-Tech and Risk-Tech with Stuart Hartley

Join Ed from Persona in an exciting conversation as he interviews Stuart Hartley, a pioneer in reg-tech, risk-tech, and ops-tech solutions for global BaaS platforms and Fortune 500 product launches. In this episode of the Personally podcast, we explore Stuart's remarkable journey, his extensive experience in solving complex problems in the FinTech and payments industry globally, and his passion for team building and forging strong relationships across cultures.

🔍 About Stuart Hartley: With a track record of innovation and success, Stuart has established himself as a dependable and charismatic product leader. He has played a pivotal role in delivering groundbreaking solutions for renowned companies such as Apple, Walmart, PayPal, Uber, Intuit, and more. With a global perspective, Stuart has solved problems at scale in FinTech and payments on six continents. His expertise extends to strategic partnerships and enterprise platform integrations, driving successful go-to-market strategies and delivering impactful results.