Simplifying form-filling in Real Estate with Adam Luther

Join Ed Giansante, head of Community at Persona, in a captivating conversation with Adam Luther, the visionary behind CPSL (pronounced "capsule"). In this episode, we delve into Adam's personal journey and the inspiration behind creating CPSL, a groundbreaking solution for simplifying form-filling and rate-shopping in the auto and real estate industries.

🔍 About Adam Luther: Adam Luther's entrepreneurial spirit was ignited by his own experiences in over 70 auto and real estate transactions. Frustrated by the arduous process of finding the best rates and terms, he spent countless hours navigating spam, enduring email back-and-forths, falling victim to bait-and-switch tactics, and endlessly filling out forms. Determined to eliminate these challenges, Adam developed "capsule" to revolutionize the process. Now, in under 5 minutes, CPSL offers a solution that eliminates spam, ads, fake rates, and pushy salespeople.