Accounts overview

Persona's Accounts is a product that enables businesses to view the comprehensive history of interactions with an individual over time.

This provides a continuous representation of an individual within the Persona system. As businesses collect more information about an individual, it aggregates to the account, tying all inquiries, documents, and reports back to a specific individual.

Accounts overview

The ability to track all your customer’s interactions throughout their lifecycle and compare that information is what makes Accounts so powerful at Persona.

So going back to the Elephant Co. example:

They are collecting and verifying certain information from their users as part of their onboarding, when they first sign up.

Then, say 6 months from now, they’re trying to make a large withdrawal or change some sensitive information in their account.

Elephant Co. can collect and verify additional information. They would run a new inquiry, perhaps just asking them to submit a new selfie.

Accounts - inquiries made

And through Accounts, they can compare and match the recently collected selfie inquiry against the initial government ID and selfie inquiry that was submitted when going through the onboarding flow 6 months ago.

Therefore, they reverify their user with a different verification type to better support the new point in the user journey.

Accounts - multiple inquiries