What is Cases Enhanced?

Cases Enhanced gives you access to advanced case assignment and tracking features that allow your team to manage and customize complex review process.

Key Benefits:

Manage Internal Escalations with Custom Statuses

Cases Enhanced offers you the flexibility to create custom case statuses to manage internal escalations seamlessly. Custom statuses are ideal for review processes that require multiple layers of approval for resolution. With custom statuses, you can run analytics against your statuses to understand a breakdown of all the cases by case status and identify where bottlenecks in your cases are occurring. Learn more about managing internal escalations with custom statuses here.

Monitor SLAs with Case Deadline Tracking

Use Cases deadline tracking to help you meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs)—whether they're self-imposed or required for compliance. For example, you can set a deadline to investigate accounts flagged for review within 30 days. Notify assignees and administrators when an SLA has been breached or reassign the case to the next available agent. Learn more about monitoring SLAs with Case deadline tracking here.

Dynamically Route Cases Based on Agent Availability

With Cases Enhanced, you can dynamically assign cases to team members based on their availability status. You can use availability status to manage automated case assignments around your team's shifts and out-of-office schedules, preventing bottlenecks and customer delays by ensuring cases are assigned and handed off to available agents. Learn more about using availability statuses here.

Additional Benefits

In addition to the features mentioned above, Cases Enhanced offers several other benefits:

  • Complex Case Assignments: Customize case assignments based on status, use case, and more, providing a higher degree of customization.
  • Multiple Approvers: Enforce multiple approvers for specific case types.
  • Up to 20 Seats