Troubleshoot: Receiving SMS (text message)

This guide is written for individuals who are completing a Persona identity verification flow.


In your Persona verification flow, you may have the option to receive an SMS message from Persona. If you are having trouble receiving an SMS, see the steps below to troubleshoot.

Troubleshoot a missing SMS

If you do NOT receive an SMS (text message) you expected:

  • Check your "spam" messages: Your messaging app may have sent Persona's message to a spam folder.
    • On iPhone:
      • Open the Messages app.
      • If you see Filters in the top left corner, tap Filters.
      • Select Unknown Senders from the list of options. This displays messages that were automatically filtered out from your main inbox.
      • Look for a text message from Persona.
  • Double-check your number: Double-check that you have entered your phone number correctly. In your Persona flow, you may need to tap a "back" arrow to return to the screen where you entered your number.
  • Resend the SMS: In your Persona flow, you can request that Persona resend the SMS.