I see a "Can't access your camera" error.

If you received this error message during the Persona verification flow, you will need to enable camera permissions for your device and/or browser in order to complete the flow.

How you enable camera permissions depends on your browser and device type.

  • If you're using Chrome, follow the steps in the relevant link below:

  • If you're on Safari, follow the relevant steps below:

    • For Desktop

    • For mobile devices below iOS 13:

      • Go to Settings on your device.
      • Scroll down and select Safari.
      • Scroll down and select Camera. Set the permission setting to "Ask" or "Allow".
    • For mobile devices on iOS 13:

      • Tap the "AA" icon in the URL bar in the top left.

      • Then tap "Website Settings." Here, set camera permissions to "Allow" or "Ask".

  • If you're using an iOS or Android app:

    • Go to Settings on your device.
    • Go to Apps.
    • Find the app that you wish to enable camera permissions for.
    • Find the App Settings and allow camera permissions.