Inquiry flow connectors


Connectors are a way to add a jump from one part of a flow to another screen in the flow.

Connectors are just one type of building block in an Inquiry flow. See this guide for an overview of all the building blocks.

Below, learn:

  • Common ways to use connectors
  • How to add a connector
  • Where you can place connectors

Common ways to use connectors

Implement multiple Verification attempts

In general, it’s a good idea to let your users try multiple times to pass each Verification in your Inquiry. Users may make mistakes.

To implement a retry, you want logic in your Inquiry that specifies: “If the user hasn’t exceeded a certain number of attempts, then send them back to the start of the Verification (so they can try again).” A conditional step lets you implement the “if” part of this logic. A connector lets you “send them back to the start.”

Here’s a real example of this retry logic for a Government ID Verification. The second branch of the conditional step implements the retry. This branch has two parts:

  1. A screen that explains to the user what happened.
  2. A connector that sends the user back to the start of the Verification.

Fast forward to a failed screen

If you have multiple Verification types in your Inquiry, you can have the user skip to the end as soon as they fail any Verification.

For example, if your Inquiry has a Government ID Verification followed by a Selfie Verification, you can have the user skip Selfie Verification if they fail Government ID Verification.

Here’s a real example of this logic. The last branch of the conditional step implements the fast forward to the fail screen.


Add a connector

To add a connector to your Inquiry flow:

  1. In the Dashboard, navigate to Inquiries > Templates.

  2. Select the Inquiry Template for your flow.

  3. In the Flow Editor, click the “+” sign in the Flow where you want to add a connector

  4. Select Connector from the list of options.

  5. Select the screen to jump to.

Connector placement

The Flow Editor enforces rules about where a connector can be inserted.

If it's not possible to insert a connector at a given location in the flow, the Connector option will be grayed out. You can hover over the grayed out option to see why.