Tutorial: Understand Verification results for an Inquiry


To understand why an Inquiry completed or failed, you can use the Persona Dashboard to inspect the result of each Verification attempt that was run on the Inquiry. Within each Verification attempt, you can see which Verification checks were required, which checks passed or failed, and additional details about each check.

This tutorial explains how to inspect the result of a Verification attempt in the Inquiry details view of the Persona Dashboard.


Before you do this tutorial, it will be helpful to review:

  • Inquiry details in the Dashboard: Explains the Inquiry details view.
    • In this tutorial, we'll walk through examples of Verification attempts as shown in the "Verifications" tab of the Inquiry details view.
  • Inquiry reference: Verification check attributes: Explains the key attributes you'll see about Verification checks that have run on an Inquiry.
    • We'll use the names of these attributes in this tutorial.

Understand a Selfie Verification

Let's take a look at this Verification attempt for a Selfie Verification.


Here's what each numbered part of the UI indicates:

  1. The header tells you whether the Verification attempt passed or failed.
    • If the attempt passed, it means all required Verification checks passed.
    • If the attempt failed, it means at least one required Verification check failed.
  2. You can hover over the "?" tooltip to learn more about the Verification check.
  3. The icon by each check indicates the status of the check.
    • Icon to status: 
      • Green check icon = Passed
      • Yellow line icon = Not applicable
      • Red x icon = Failed
    • For example:
      • The "Account comparison" check here is Not applicable. This check will be Not applicable when there is no prior information on the Account to compare with.
  4. The Type column tells you the type of each check.
    • For example:
      • The Selfie-to-ID comparison check is a Fraud check.
      • The Face covering check is a User action required check.
  5. The Required column tells you whether a check was required to pass in order for the Inquiry to successfully complete.
    • Required checks are shown at the top of the table. Non-required checks are shown at the bottom of the table.
    • For example:
      • The Selfie-to-ID comparison check was required in this Inquiry. It appears at the top of this table.
      • The Age comparison check was not required in this Inquiry. It appears at the bottom of this table.
  6. This arrow indicates that you can expand this check to see additional information.