Edit translations for your Inquiry


Persona provides default translations for the default text in each step of an Inquiry. You can edit these translations using the Flow Editor.

To learn more about the translation feature, see Translations / Localizations.


To edit the translations for an Inquiry:

  1. In the Persona Dashboard, select Inquiries > Template in the navigation bar. Select the Template you want to edit.
  2. In the Flow Editor, hover your mouse over the screen you want to edit, and click the pencil icon.
  3. In the sidebar of the Screen Editor, select the text component you want to edit.
    • For example, it might be a Title or Text component.
  4. In the settings for the component, click Edit translations.
  5. In the Translations modal, edit the translation for each language.
  6. Click Save in the top right corner of the Flow Editor.

As usual, you must publish your Inquiry Template for your end users to see your latest changes. Learn what it means to publish here.

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