Persona 101: The Comprehensive Identity Management Platform

Persona 101: The comprehensive identity management platform

Persona is a comprehensive identity management platform with products that work like building blocks. You can configure them to suit your business needs and manage identities from end to end.

Building blocks for identity management across all end-user stages

Breaking down identity management

Persona breaks identity management down into its component parts, enabling you to build custom identity management processes that suit your operations. You can build multiple processes for different use cases and products.

With Persona, you can:

  • Dynamically collect PII (personally identifiable information) within customizable UI
  • Verify PII
  • Enrich PII
  • Analyze PII
  • Make decisions based on PII analyses
  • Integrate third-party data for additional insights
  • Evaluate behavioral risk signals and automate decisions using customizable workflows

What’s dynamic data collection?

As Ed mentioned in the video above, Persona allows you to collect PII “dynamically.” This means that you can tell Persona to add friction to a flow when it detects risk, deterring fraudsters—all while keeping things easy for trusted end-users.


You can collect PII as often as needed throughout your product lifecycle. You can even configure Persona to automate real-time Verifications, analyses, risk evaluations, decisions, and other embedded tools whenever it collects new PII.

Our platform at a glance

Persona powers all of your identity operations in one place. To learn more about every product we offer, see below.


Inquiries (Dynamic Flow and Flow Editor)

Securely collect PII through branded user flows and adjust friction based on real-time risk signals.


Verify PII, selfies, and documents across 200+ countries and regions.


Build a more comprehensive picture of your users with our robust library of no-code partner integrations.


Streamline case review with hyper-tailored case views and templates.

Analytics (all products)

Run analytics on all products in Persona’s dashboard to understand conversion rates, case review performance, verification pass rates, and more.


Uncover and proactively block fraud rings, from promo abuse to money laundering to duplicate accounts.


Automate your identity management processes, making them as simple or as complex as you need them to be.

Persona’s Growth and Enterprise plans provide access to implementation support that can help your team choose products and configure them to serve your business.

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We’ll explore how Elephant Credit, a fictitious company, uses Persona to perform KYC checks on their customers.