Incorrect extraction? Learn how to report it

If you come across extraction errors, suspect fraudulent activity, or face any other issues related to an Inquiry, it's crucial to use the "Report issue" button available within any Inquiry in a Production setting.

Please note that reporting errors in a Sandbox environment requires a different approach. For these instances, reaching out directly to our support team is the best course of action.

When reporting an issue, providing relevant details is key, especially if the problem affects multiple Inquiries. This ensures that our team can address your concerns as accurately and efficiently as possible.

report issue

In this guide, we'll cover the steps for reporting various issues, including incorrect text extraction, suspected fraud, and other miscellaneous problems.

Finding the "Report issue" Button: To begin, navigate to the "All Inquiries" page on the Persona Dashboard in your Production environment. This feature is accessible to users with Starter Plans and above. If you need assistance switching from Sandbox to Production, detailed instructions are available on our help center.

Once you've selected the Inquiry you wish to report, click on the "Report issue" button located in the upper corner. A modal will appear, allowing you to select the type of issue you're reporting and to provide detailed information.

Reporting Incorrect Text Extraction: If you encounter incorrect text extraction within an Inquiry, select "Text Extraction Issue." You'll need to identify the specific Verification attempt and the attribute field that was inaccurately extracted. Input the expected value in the "Correct value" field and choose the ticket's priority level from the available options, ranging from urgent to no response needed.

Reporting Suspected Fraud: To report suspected fraudulent activity, select "Suspected Fraud" and describe the activity in detail. If you choose, you can allow Persona to add the reported fraudulent ID to a registry utilized across organizations to deter fraud. Again, select the urgency of your ticket from the provided options.

Reporting Other Issues: For any issues not related to text extraction or fraud, select "Other" and thoroughly describe the problem. Include any steps to reproduce the issue, relevant Inquiry IDs, links to screenshots or recordings, and the API or SDK version, if applicable. Choose the priority of your ticket based on the urgency of the response needed.

By following these steps, you can effectively report any issues you encounter, helping us to improve your experience with Persona.

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