Demo - Inquiry Flow Editor

Explore our demo of the Inquiry Flow Editor, presented by Justin from our product team.

What should you know about steps?

There are different types of steps:

  • Action steps take an action or series of actions.
  • Conditional steps express branching logic.
  • Parallel steps enable multiple branches of action steps to run at the same time.

Steps are part of modules: The easiest way to add steps to your flow is by dropping in a prebuilt Flow module. For example, you can drop in a Government ID Verification module that includes both screens and steps for that type of Verification.

If needed, you can add or edit steps. Reach out to us for help.

Action step An action step—as the name suggests—takes action. There are many types of action steps. For example, action steps can:

  • Run Verifications. For example, a step can run a Selfie Verification.
  • Act on other parts of Persona. For example, a step can update the fields of an Account.
  • Take custom action beyond Persona. For example, a step can run custom JavaScript code, or make an HTTPS request.

In the Flow Editor, an action step is represented as a square with a lightning bolt symbol:

Steps overview

Action sequence You can define multiple action steps to run one after another. Multiple actions in a row form an action sequence.

Persona offers a number of useful modules. For example, the Verifications types we offer—such as Government ID Verification, Selfie Verification, and Documents—are packaged as modules that you can drop into your flow.

You can read more about Inquiry Flow steps here.