Checklist: Set up your first identity verification flow


Welcome to Persona — we are so excited to have you on board!

This guide takes you through the steps to set up your first identity verification flow. It covers:

  • Key concepts in Persona to learn first
  • How to try out your Inquiry flow
  • Customizing the logic and look-and-feel of your flow
  • The different integration methods you can use to deploy your flow
  • Common FAQs


Learn general Persona concepts

  1. Learn key concepts to gain an understanding of Persona.

Try out Persona

  1. Add a solution in your Sandbox environment.
  2. Create a first Inquiry to understand what it's like to use Persona as an end user.
  3. View the result of the Inquiry in the Dashboard. See details including what information was collected from you, and whether each Verification check passed or failed.

Customize your Inquiry flow

  1. Customize your Inquiry flow.
  2. Preview the Inquiry flow you've customized.

Integrate your Inquiry flow into your app

  1. Decide on and implement the integration method that works best for you. Choosing your implementation method walks you through these options:
    • Embedded - Seamlessly verify individuals within your website.
    • Hosted - Send users a link to your flow.
    • Mobile SDK - Implement Persona directly within your native Android or iOS app.

Other steps

  1. Add additional team members to your organization’s Dashboard when you are ready.

Learn more

  • Learn more about what you can do with Inquiries and Verifications:

  • Developer documentation: Dedicated docs on how to integrate Persona into your app, and how to use our APIs and webhooks.

  • Explore other products: Learn about other products that can help you, such as Workflows, Cases, and Reports.

Get support

For questions, contact the Persona support team.